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ebmDisplay is an E-Bike Motor Display App for your Android device. Compatible with TSDZ2 factory stock firmware. TTL Serial RX, TX and GND need to be converted to Bluetooth or USB Serial.



A control centre App for your E-Bike

All data, enabled by firmware is at your fingers, and more

Assist level 0-4, Headlight, Walking mode, Speed limit, more precise Speed calculation by circumference, Battery %, Pedal Torque %, PAS and Motor activity sensor, GPS Speed/Distance/Time, visible raw communication data, Gauges, Bluetooth and USB Serial cable connection, Passive mode, Log

Features at a Glance

Speed sensor as cadence RPM

Passive mode

Log into CSV

Put a magnet on you crank arm, then adjust speed sensor to reach it. Push KM/H to RPM and you can enjoy pedal cadence. Speed will be there from GPS.

App can work in passive mode. No instructions to motor is send.

Per second log into external storage, under "ebmdisplay" folder.


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ebmDisplay is provided as freeware, but only for private, non-commercial use.

Commercial users: please contact me by E-Mail how and what with the Software you would want to do.

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